Rs. 18,500.00

Moondance, 2023 is a creation that weaves a visual tapestry of understanding between the moon, the tides, and the persistent ebb and flow of cherished memories. The artwork invites viewers on a dance with the moonlight, where each ripple in the tide tells a story that keeps coming and going like the waves. 

The intimate handwork of white stones and delicate shells embodies the tactile essence of memory. The artist's meticulous craftsmanship captures the whispers of the moon, translating them into tangible forms that dance across the canvas. Each shell is a vessel of recollection, holding fragments of a memory that persistently returns, much like the nature of lunar phases.

Engaging with "Moondance Memories, 2023" allows the audience to immerse themselves in the gentle rhythm of memories, where the moon becomes a silent confidante. 

The white stones, arranged with care, reflect the purity of these moments, while the shells echo the emotions of the tides that carry memories back and forth. This artwork is a delicate ode to the dance of celestial bodies and cherished recollections, where the moon becomes a muse for the poetry of memory.

Dimensions: W 6.5" H 4.25" D 1.75"