Rs. 17,500.00

Sister's Souvenir, 2023 is an evocative work of art that attempts to capture the many moods/layers of sisterhood and the curious bond that exists. This piece is a tribute to two sisters who have distinct personalities that set them apart yet are tied by a common fabric of self.

At the heart of this artwork lies the memory of two sisters, their lives intricately woven together by identical lifestyle, value systems and choices they made growing up.

Sister's Souvenir, 2023 is a testament to the beauty of sisterhood and how they branch out. The geometric karigari embroidered on the bag mirrors this duality, while preserving the harmony of shared experiences.


Micro W 4.75" H 4" D 2"

Mini W 5.5" H 5" D 2.25"

Classic W 6.5" H 5" D 2.25"

New Classic W 6.5" H 4.25" D 1.75"


*The bag is made to order and will be delivered domestically within 3 weeks and Internationally within 4-5 weeks.