Rs. 21,250.00 Rs. 25,000.00

The Parcel is a poignant metaphor, exploring the significance of a parcel in the context of one's journey through time. 

This artwork serves as a visual representation of life experiences, each layer akin to a parcel received from the past and carried into the present. 

In this creation, the artist orchestrates a narrative where memories, lessons, and moments are carefully packaged. The Parcel becomes a vessel of personal history, a tangible reminder that we are all carriers of parcels—our unique collection of stories, joys, and challenges. 

The artwork invites you to dive deep into your inner vessel - What stories do they tell? What lessons do they hold? 

Dimensions: W 6.5" H 4" D 2"


*The bag is made to order and will be delivered domestically within 3 weeks and Internationally within 4-5 weeks.