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The Veil, 2023 from The Museum of Memories collection by The Right Sided is a delicate translation of emotions inspired by the profound impact of memories. This artwork weaves the threads of personal experiences, creating a narrative that resonates with sentiment and attachment.In this piece, the artist translates the fragments of memory, capturing the essence of Parisian nights, the starry nights, and the magic of 4 am strolls. The use of hand-strung beads becomes a metaphorical stitching of these moments, almost acting like a veil to something familiar, in a far off land. 

The Veil invites viewers to embark on an introspective journey, reflecting on the intricate connection between art and artist. As part of The Museum of Memories, this artwork is a testament to the beauty found in the details of our personal histories, where each stitch tells a story and each layer unfolds a recollection.


Dimensions: W 6.5" H 4" D 2"


*The bag is made to order and will be delivered domestically within 3 weeks and Internationally within 4-5 weeks.